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How Many Drawers Does It Take to Fill a Kitchen?

Custom Kitchen Dishwasher Drawers

It has been said that drawers are the cook’s best friend. Without proper storage space, a cook would be lost among a jumble of pots, pans, and utensils. Drawers can be one of the biggest assets to your kitchen, whether they line the tops of your cabinets or stand stacked in a corner. But just how many kitchen drawers do you really need? Discover a few time-saving tips for determining the drawer needs of your kitchen.

Consider your current supply of cooking and eating utensils. Is it sufficient or will you be increasing it soon? If you have more than one set of cutlery for your family, you will need at least one drawer for each set. To determine the space necessary, map out the drawer organizer you intend to use. Next gather all your cooking utensils and line them up in a drawer, reserving enough space for easy access. Count how many times you fill up the drawer, and add one for good measure.

Dishcloths and Towels
These indispensable kitchen helpers should be kept handy. If you plan to store your cloths and towels in drawers, be sure to allow ample space. Your supply will often increase over the years. Create a folding design that is simple and compact, and be sure each family member is familiar with it. You may wish to distribute the towels throughout the kitchen. Don’t forget to account for pot holder space in your drawers, unless you plan to hang them all on racks by the stove.

Large Items
Some cooks appreciate large drawers to accommodate pots and pans, while some prefer cabinet space for storage. This will be a personal taste determination. You may also want to consider a drawer or two for holding pot and pan lids.

Food Storage Containers
Food storage containers and casserole dishes fit nicely into drawers and seem to stay more organized. You may consider investing in an easily stackable variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t forget to allow for space to store the lids.

You will need a couple of catchall drawers and maybe even drawers for your cookbooks. Electric cords might be stored in drawers or hung on racks placed inside cabinet doors. Take an inventory of the remaining items that will require drawer space and plan accordingly.

So, how many drawers does it take to fill a kitchen? Nobody knows for sure. However, you can make a reasonable estimate of the number required for your kitchen and then add one or two for good measure and unforeseen increases.

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